Monday, 16 December 2013

Love & Leftovers

Job of the day today was to marzipan the cake. On Monday Amy & Thomas will ice and decorate it. A bit like the Christmas tree, by the time they've finished sticking every decoration on they can find, it will look pretty awful. But it always takes pride of place on the table for Christmas tea. They bought me this glass cake stand for my 40th birthday. We were spending a weekend at Chatsworth in the caravan when Amy spotted it in a charity shop and I love it.
Mum wandered into the kitchen while I was doing the cake and commented that she loves chocolate marzipan. I never knew that. Funny how you can always learn new things about people isn't it. Anyway there was plenty of marzipan left over so I rolled a few balls, melted some chocolate and hey presto, chocolate marzipan. I then faffed around and made a box for them to go into which made her chuckle.
For the first time in 6 weeks the district nurse isn't coming today. They're going to see how mum gets on with having her wound dressed every other day. Mum is over the moon about this as she finally feels some progress is being made.

Thomas' first day at school went really well. He came out very happy and his teacher said he'd settled in well. I hope it continues for all our sakes. Here he is in his new uniform - the jumper went on just before we left.
And Amy is on countdown to finishing for the hols. It's non-uniform day again on Thursday so her priority this week is deciding what to wear. At the moment it's a toss up between a jumper with a heart motif on it or a sweatshirt with Love written on.

If only that was all I had to think about, how simple life would be.


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