Monday, 9 December 2013

It's Up

Our Christmas tree, that is. We did it Friday evening while listening to Christmas songs and indulging in a tot of whisky - Mark and myself, not the children!

The first job was to untangle the lights. I've no idea how they got like this, they were fine when I took them out of the box an hour earlier to see if they were working. I suspect some little fingers might have been fiddling with them.

This Nativity scene is put out each year. It's my favourite 'decoration'.
 These two little figures also make an annual appearance.
 As do these 3 Wise Men which I bought from Cirencester years ago while visiting my sister.
And we mustn't forget these cute little Angels as well.

Anyway, back to the tree decorating. After hanging the baubles and decorations in lovely clumps, Thomas took the instruction to throw the tinsel on literally. 
And Amy decided to decorate herself.
It wasn't long before it all turned rather silly
 With hands growing out of trees
And Amy popping out like a cuckoo in a clock
But they were having fun and that's what it's all about.

Our colour scheme is red and white simply because I bought a load of these baubles from a church stall years ago. I buy Amy & Thomas a Christmas tree ornament every year though and this year they got baubles with bells in.

A snowman for Thomas
And for Amy a more grown up version 
I love getting their decorations out. Each one is relevant to them for that year. We've had a gingerbread man and Mickey Mouse from the year we took Amy to Disneyland Paris. A Robin and a dalmatian in a stocking. Every one has a meaning for them.
We either have an Angel or a star for the top of the tree and this year we decided on the star. Thomas is too big to lift up now so he stood on a chair to put it on. I felt a bit sad about this, it means he's growing up and I really just want to keep him as he is. 
I have to say the tree looked a bit of a dog's dinner by the time they'd finished, so when they both wandered off to do other things, I took it upon myself to do a bit of re-arranging.

And finally, 2 photos for the album for when we look back. Myself and Thomas.
Andy Mark and Amy.
Last year with everything to do, decorating the tree was just another job on the list. After my heart attack things have taken on a different perspective. This year I treasured every minute of decorating it with Amy & Thomas. xxx

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