Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's begun!

Our countdown to Christmas has started and this afternoon I lit the fire for the first time in honour of the event.
Amy went swimming with her friends today so we've not seen much of her. Thomas had another day of school to get through but came out all excited about the Christmas holidays. It was his Christmas party yesterday and here he is in his party clothes. The boys had gone for the casual shirt and trousers look, but the girls had really gone to town with their party dresses. Frills, glitter and bows were in abundance yesterday in the playground. They all looked lovely.
I bought a TV guide yesterday and we all went through it circling all the programmes we would like to watch over Christmas. My top 3 are Call the Midwife, The Thirteenth Tale and The Muppets Christmas Carol. We're not big TV fans really. I'd rather read, Mark would rather go on a watch forum, Thomas likes the x-box and Amy spends most of her time drawing.
We don't watch any soaps at Number 38 either and looking through the storylines I'm glad. It's all doom and gloom. I can't understand why people find it entertaining, but I know I'm very much in the minority with this way of thinking.

Tonight we will be doing the first thing on our 'run up to Christmas list'. Thomas has been pre-warned he will have to come off the x-box at 7pm so that we can watch Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger.

I have popcorn, chocolates and some J2O's at the ready.
And I'm set to be entertained. 

This evening will definitely be the calm before the storm. I expect tomorrow night at the Lowry will be a little more raucous. 


PS. Took mum to hospital today for her 6 week check up. All is looking good and she has been discharged from clinic. The consultant reiterated to her that the wound will take weeks to heal so she will just have to be patient - she'll struggle with that part as much as the wound bless her. 

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