Monday, 30 December 2013


We're struggling with condensation at the moment. Every morning we wake up to wet windows and puddles of water on the windowsills. It's become a daily job to 'mop up' and it's driving me nuts.
I don't think the amount of wet washing that's constantly hung on the airer is helping much, plus we're not feeling the cold at the moment so the heating rarely gets turned on. Maybe 30 mins first thing in the morning and possibly an hour in the afternoon and evening.

Anyway, today we bought a de-humidifier. Mark is the King of research and spent quite a while reading up about the different models before finally deciding on this one.
Apparently up to 10 litres of water can be removed on the first day of use. Ours has been on for 6 hours so far and we have emptied 2 litres out of it. We're not on a water meter so don't really watch what we use, but a good tip I read was to re-use the water - something I wouldn't have thought to do.

Mum has her own theory on the problem. She really is feeling the cold and says it's all the hot air we talk meeting the cold air in the rooms. She may well have a point. 


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