Thursday, 12 December 2013

Buttons & Ties

We've had limited internet access over the past couple of days. It's not really bothered me but it's been a real eye-opener as to how much Thomas and Mark have missed it. Me thinks a couple of hobbies need to be found in the New Year for the men of the house.

Thomas is starting his new school on Monday. He's so excited. I think going in for the week before Christmas will be perfect for him. It'll give him chance to settle in and get to know people when everybody is happy and excited and there's lots of fun things going on. 

Today, we went to buy his uniform. It's trousers, shirt and tie for the boys. As he's never worn a shirt in his life we've had to spend an hour with him practising buttoning himself up and he is now a fully fledged 'buttoner'. The tie is another story though and has yet to be mastered.

We went to Sainsburys looking for shirts, which they didn't have, but what they did have was a black bag to go with my new red coat I bought from Debenhams yesterday.
They also had these lovely wooden reindeer which caught my eye - reduced to half price, because obviously by 12th December, Christmas must be over.
And Thomas saw these penguins which we also bought.

Slowly but surely, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Number 38. 



  1. Love your decorations. Wish I'd spotted them in our local Sainsburys. Good luck to Thomas in his new school.

  2. Thank you. He's a bit nervous but excited. Just hope he comes out of school with a smile on his face. xx