Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bathroom Blues

We have 6 spotlights in our bathroom ceiling. About 2 years ago, 3 of the lights on the same circuit stopped working. Mark decided the remaining 3 would suffice until he got round to asking his friend to come and fix them. Two years on and he'd still not asked. Last week the remaining 3 lights also stopped working, so we spent 2 nights peeing and showering by candlelight. I'm not joking. Spurred on by this small inconvenience, Barry was finally contacted and we once more have light in Number 38's bathroom.

For the past few days the shower has been cutting out mid-way through our daily ablutions. In the 12 years since it's been installed this has never happened before, but according to Mark it was a safety thing and I quote "it must be getting too hot and cutting itself off". OK, if that's what you want to think Mark, that's fine.  

This morning it stopped working altogether just as Mark was about to get in. Now Mark really wanted a shower when this happened so he wasn't best pleased. Hee Hee. So, he got dressed, drove to B&Q, chose a shower, rang Barry again and we now have a new shower installed.
For longer than I care to think about we've also had a cold water bath tap and a hot water sink tap that you need the strength of Geoff Capes to turn off. Barry very kindly sorted this out for us as well while he was here.          

And part of my weekly bathroom cleaning routine is to empty a bowl of water from behind the sink because we've had a drip for 6 months that Mark hasn't quite got round to sorting out. Thanks again to Barry I no longer have to do this job.

I'd really like a new bathroom and at this rate it looks as though bit by bit I might actually be getting one!


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