Monday, 2 December 2013

A bit of wrapping

I did a little bit of wrapping again today. This year I've wrapped as I've bought. But the bows, ribbons and tags won't get added until Christmas Eve to the accompaniment of carols and a glass of Baileys with ice.
I'd love to tell you what Father Christmas will be bringing Amy and Thomas but sometimes they come on here to have a read and to see if I've posted any photos of them. So if you are peeking Amy & Thomas you'll just have to wait and see if you've been good enough to get what you've asked for.

The birds are still visiting us and seem to be enjoying their fat balls. Mr Robin is now a daily visitor but I've yet to get a good photo of him.
I had blood taken on Friday. I've been told I need to go twice a year and get the full works. Kidneys, Liver, Glucose, Thyroid and of course Cholesterol, plus anything else they feel like doing. You can hardly see where the needle went in but strangely I have a bruise on my wrist in line with the vein.
I have an appointment to see the Dr on Friday for the results. I could have just rung in for them but I have a couple of questions I need to ask. My usual GP is away for 12 months, so I'm seeing another one instead. He's been there for years and is so laid back I often wonder if he's on something. He also has a terrible habit of leaning right back in his chair whilst rocking and I spend most of the time wondering if he's going to fall off. 

Amy fancies a bit of Christmas spirit this evening so we're going to watch this. Grandad gave it to her years ago (I think it was a freebie from the Daily Mail) and it's just one of those films that always comes out in December.




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