Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wales: Wednesday & My Poor Mum

We woke up on Wednesday to glorious sunshine so decided after breakfast we would head for the beach.
This is what I call a proper beach. Absolutely full of golden soft sand! We were heading for the lighthouse in the distance.
On our way I decided to try a bit of camera trickery and tried to get Amy to hold the lighthouse in her hand.
Thomas wanted to collect more shells to put in his box at home. This was a long sharp one but he didn't like it so he threw it away. 
And this is us having a rare photo together.
 To prove we got there it I took a photo of Amy & Thomas on the steps.
Then I left them to clamber about on the rocks...
While I took some photos of the landscape. You either love these windmills or hate them. I  really like them.
I absolutely love this photo and it's probably one of the best I've ever snapped. Legend has it that the lighthouse is haunted (obviously), with sightings of a lighthouse keeper holding a lantern.
We finally made our way back to pick up some pasties and the biggest cookies I've ever seen from the bakers for our lunch. And on the way Amy wrote this in the sand which I thought was really sweet.
That afternoon I'd booked me, Amy & Thomas in for a horse ride at a stables just round the corner from where we were staying. 

Amy used to have riding lessons and she was up and mounted on 'Llando' before you could say Jack Flash. I think she'd have preferred a more advanced lesson than just an amble down the country lanes, but we all wanted to stay together.
Thomas has never been on a horse before and only a couple of years ago threw a wobbly when we popped him on a donkey at Heaton Park, so I wasn't sure how he'd react. But he took to it like a duck to water, complaining in the car on the way home, that 'Honeysuckle'  didn't jump over any fences! 
I've only ever been on a horse half a dozen times in my life. I'm always quite nervous to begin with but actually enjoy it when I get going, as long as we only walk!

I'm well past the age of hoisting myself into a saddle so they very kindly let me use the mounting steps.
However, when James  let go of the reins 'Gypsy' decided she'd go for a stroll around the yard looking for food. I have to admit I did let out a squeal at this point.
But we had a lovely walk down the lanes and now of course Amy & Thomas want riding lessons. Me? I'm not too bothered!
After a cup of tea and a rest we got ourselves ready and went to the club restaurant for our evening meal. Then I took Thomas into the entertainment lounge to watch the children's talent show for half an hour, while Mark & Amy had a drink in the bar. 

All that fresh air on the beach and horse riding must have worn us out because that night we were all in bed for 10pm.

Tomorrow we're going for a drive along the coast line from Prestatyn to Conwy. 


PS. My mum is still very poorly. Both her hysterectomy wound and bowel operation wound are now infected. She is really fed up and seems to be in a mental decline which the staff have also commented on. Every time we visit there's something else to worry about. She just doesn't seem to be able to turn that corner on the road to recovery.   

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