Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wales: Monday & Tuesday


Our journey down to Wales couldn't have gone better. We left wet and windy Manchester behind us and within 20 minutes the rain had gone, the sun was breaking through the clouds and there was hardly any traffic on the roads.
We arrived at the caravan about 2pm. It always amazes me how well designed they are. There's a lounge area, galley kitchen, bathroom, small bedroom with 2 single beds and a double bedroom with en-suite toilet. There's also loads of wardrobe and storage space and we managed to have a few good games of hide & seek in here believe it or not. The biggest plus is double glazing and central heating which all makes for a comfortable stay.

This was the view out of our lounge window. 
And our view from the bedroom window. It never takes long for Thomas to find friends to play with. I was a little wary of the amount of trees surrounding us. At times the heavens would just open and the wind would howl, but thankfully they all stayed upright.
One of the first things Thomas and Amy like to do is take a walk to Talacre to the arcade. It's only a 5 minute stroll and is a sweet little place with an arcade, a bakery, a fish & chip shop, a sweet shop, a cafe and 2 pubs. At the end of the street is a small walkway that leads you onto the beach.

This is Thomas' favourite machine because he always wins lots of tickets on it and tickets can be turned into prizes!

Amy is definitely a 'grabber' girl and over the years has won more teddies out of these machines than I care to think about.
And we always have a game of Air Hockey.
It's fish & chips for supper on our first night, which we eat walking back to the caravan up this lane in the dark. Thomas thinks this is a real spooky adventure and is the 'leader' with the torch.


On Tuesday morning we decided to have a drive to Rhyl. Oh my goodness. It might not have been raining but it was freezing and so windy!
Amy nearly lost her beanie several times! Thankfully if was gripped to her hair.
After 20 minutes of walking along the front fighting a losing battle against the wind we decided to head inside to the aquarium and have a look around.

We saw turtles....

Black Sea Urchins...
Big Ray fish that came to the top for food....
And my two little fishies!
In the afternoon Thomas and Mark went swimming while Amy & myself sat in the club's cafe drinking hot chocolate and reading our books. Bliss!

Then it was back to the caravan where we were all quite happy just chilling before we went for our evening meal to The Bells Of St Mary's. They do a fantastic carvery here. Lots of meat & veg, just the way Mark likes it.
We ended our second day playing hide and seek in the caravan and guess what animal I am. We take the computer with us when we go away but this time really struggled to get internet access. But actually, that was no bad thing. We can always find plenty of ways to entertain ourselves and I'd say being wi-fi free was no great loss.

Tucked up in bed that night the rain fell fast and furious. But the sound of it hitting the caravan roof was quite therapeutic and it wasn't long before we were all asleep.

Tomorrow we go for a walk on the beach to the lighthouse and horse riding. Hope you can join us. 



  1. The caravan looks very cosy and well equipped. Love Amy's expression on that sea wall. Sorry to hear your mum is having a rough time and wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. Cosy is the perfect word to use. Thank you for wishing my mum a speedy recovery. She is still very poorly, but hopefully at some point this week she will start to improve. xx