Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Things are improving

I haven't been able to get to hospital to see my Mum today, but I've had some really 'good news' texts from her.

First was to say the tube up her nose going into her stomach has been removed and she is now eating and drinking with no problems.

Second one was that the potassium drip had been taken out and she was now taking tablets instead.  

The third was to tell me that hopefully the antibiotic drip will be out tomorrow and she will be able to take tablets.

She saved the best one for last. The consultant said she could probably go home Friday or Saturday as long as she wasn't going to be on her own.

My Dad died 20 years ago, so to make sure she can come home as soon as possible we've decided she will come and stay with us.

Our house isn't massive but we will accommodate her as best we can for however long it takes her to get back on her feet. The consultant told her that if she'd been working she wouldn't be returning for at least 3 months. I doubt very much Mum will be here for 3 months but if she is then so be it.

So tomorrow there will be some changes in the house. First will be a good clean and clear out of of the small lounge we have. This is so that she has somewhere quiet to retreat to when she wants her own space. There is a sofa, TV and internet in there so she will be set up to do what she mostly does at home. 

Then we are moving Thomas into our bedroom. He'll sleep on his mattress on the floor next to our bed (he's really excited about camping in our room). 

I'll need to buy a new mattress for Thomas' bed which we've been needing to do for a while anyway, and some new single bedding for her. I'll have to make some space in the wardrobe and sort out the drawers in the bedside cabinet. There's nothing I can do about his decor but I'm sure Grandma won't mind blue paint and footballs while she's here.

Amy & Thomas are really excited that she's coming to 'live' with us. And when I told Mark she could only go home if there was somebody to look after her, without hesitation he quite simply said, "she can come here". He really couldn't have made it any easier for me and I'm very lucky to have such an understanding husband.



  1. glad you finally have some good news about your mum, I am sure she is so happy you will be looking after her x

  2. Thank you. She's home with us now. There's been lots to sort out but hopefully she's on the road to recovery now. xx