Friday, 1 November 2013

Quick Update

So, I went to Wales, even though Mum was still in hospital. I've been sharing the visiting with my brother, doing either afternoons 3-4pm or evenings 6.30pm-8pm.

It was obvious on Sunday evening she wouldn't be coming home for a while and we all decided that for me to stay here just to visit for an hour seemed pointless. Plus if Mark had taken the kids to Wales, which he was happy to do, I wouldn't have had any transport anyway.

We'd literally just walked into the caravan when I got a text from my brother saying that Mum was being taken down for another x-ray to see what was happening and it looked like more surgery was on the cards. At 7pm that night there was another text to say her bowel had a kink in it which was causing a blockage. She was going to be operated on the following morning.

Mum insisted I stay in Wales and Tuesday morning she had her operation. The surgeons removed 20cm of her intestine and thankfully managed to join it back up together again, otherwise she would have ended up with a colostomy. Although the operation went well she doesn't seem to be recovering as quickly as they would expect.

So, I'm back home now as planned and shall be going to see her tonight.

Despite all the worry about her and the phone constantly ringing or beeping with text messages, we still managed to have a lovely time in Wales and I'll be posting our snaps over the weekend for you to look at.



  1. Hope your mum gets well soon x

  2. Thank you. She's still poorly and both her wounds are infected now. We just all feel so helpless. xx