Monday, 4 November 2013

Melon Dreams & Wales

Before we head down the Welsh coast I just want to tell you all that today my Mum was allowed to drink some diluted pineapple juice and eat half a bowl of soup for her supper. I can't begin to tell you how positive that news is for us all. It's been 2 weeks exactly since she last ate anything and several days during this time she's also been nil by mouth. She tells me every day I visit that she dreams about eating juicy melon, so hopefully if things start to improve it won't be long before her dreams come true.

Right, our final day in Wales. 

Thursday started with a downpour but after half an hour the skies were blue again. We'd decided today we would drive along the coast road.

Our journey took us through Prestatyn, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno and Conwy.  

First stop was Colwyn Bay where we had a walk along the front and a look at the fishing boats. Thomas isn't happy in this photo because he wanted to go on a fishing trip. But it was freezing and the trips were 2 hours long.
A little further down is Rhos-on-Sea where we stopped for a coffee. We sat in a lovely cafe overlooking the sea, listening to Mark moaning about the price of a full english breakfast, which to be fair was a valid moan. At £7.50 for a small breakfast, it was £4 more than he's used to paying for a whopping fry up so he decided to go hungry instead. 

Just next to the cafe  was this playground. You're never too old for a roundabout....
... or a see-saw
or it would appear, too young for a flat cap!
We then drove through Llandudno and paid a £2.50 toll to drive up the Great Orme.
The road is one way only and there were no cars on it at all, so we let the children do something very dangerous. We drove slowly up the road and let them poke their heads out of the sunroof.
We can be very irresponsible parents at times! but I bet Amy & Thomas will always remember doing this and sometimes danger needs to be embraced.
The views at the top were amazing with sheer rock face on one side of us and the bluest sea on the other.
And once again it was very very windy. And very very cold.
This cafe is called 'Rest & Be Thankful' and I think if we'd walked up we would have certainly been thankful to spot this. As it is we never need much encouragement to take a refreshment break.
So had no trouble ordering cups of tea and a portion of apple pie to share between Father and Daughter. Funny how sharing a piece of pie can be so much fun. There was lots of 'fork fighting' and laughing from both of them while they ate this.
Next stop was Conwy Castle. It cost us £18 for entry and was worth every penny.
There were steps to climb right up to the top of the turrets.
Fireplaces on which you could easily cook a fully grown small boy.
Lots of places to hang over and scare your Mum

And dungeons and cellars to explore
And the view from on top of the castle walls was perfect.
Of course no castle is complete without a knight or two.
To have your photo taken with.
The day ended with a little shopping spree. A sword and shield for Thomas and a mood ring for Amy. Neither of them every worry about how much the other's gift costs. They choose what they want and the monetary value is never a factor in their choices. Shown by the fact the sword and shield cost £9 and Amy's mood ring cost £2.25. They were both equally happy with what they'd chosen and we got big hugs and thank yous from both of them.

Back at the caravan we did a little bit of packing then had a family vote of where to go for supper - fish & chips walking up the lane in the dark was the clear favourite.

We finished our holiday with a final visit to the arcade where Thomas won even more tickets.
Considering what we were dealing with behind the scenes with my Mum I'd say this was one of the best trips to Wales we've had.


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