Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's been a week since .....

....... Mum came home from hospital and she's still far from being on the mend.

The district nurse comes every day to pack and dress the wound from the bowel operation. Without going into too much detail for those with delicate constitutions she looks as though she has another belly button at the bottom of her scar where the skin hasn't knitted together properly. It's nothing the nurses haven't seen before but I was told on the quiet this morning that we're looking at weeks not days for this to heal.

Mum is spending most of the day in bed sleeping, which appears to be quite normal after 2 major operations, but just to make sure she isn't anaemic she had blood taken today.

The GP visited this afternoon to make sure she didn't need re-admitting to hospital and thankfully was quite happy with how she was and the care she was getting, so Mum can stay put for the time being.

Meanwhile, life goes on around her. The novelty of her being here soon wore off for Amy and Thomas and they now carry on regardless, occasionally 'visiting' her when she is awake. 

I find myself constantly in the kitchen trying to rustle up something appetising for her to eat, organising her medication, and walking up the stairs more times than I care to think about. (The plus side is I've lost 2lb since she arrived!)

Mark has been a star and done loads of trips to the chemist, surgery and disability store (we need a couple of things to make moving around easier for her).

I receive texts from the family on a daily basis and my brother, sis-in-law and 2 children visit nearly every evening.

There are times on the day when it all gets a bit manic and I have to remind myself to take it slowly.

But each day gets a little better and knowing Mum will eventually recover makes it easier to bear, and for that I can only be thankful.


  1. Best wishes to your mum for a speedy recovery

  2. Thank you. I think it will be a slow process but like the tortoise and the hare I keep telling her she'll get there eventually. xx