Friday, 8 November 2013

Happy Birthday

A quick post today to wish my lovely little boy a 'Very Happy 8th Birthday'

The banners and balloons went up last night.
And this morning he was up extra early to open cards and presents. 
He was a bit bemused by this card. Hello Kitty with a Pink Glittery Number 7! Who could that be from? Well, it was lovely Aunty Edith who is 90 and can be forgiven for not getting it quite right!
After school his older brother and cousins dropped by with more presents and cards. And we all sang Happy Birthday to him. 
He's invited 3 friends to the cinema, McDonalds then back here to play for a couple of hours tomorrow. I spent the morning making this cake for when we sing Happy Birthday again. It's a simple victoria sponge with jam and ready roll icing, with lego men and bricks stuck on for decoration.
Mum came home Wednesday evening. We've had a couple of fraught days trying to sort medication, dressings, district nurses and getting her temporarily registered with my GP. None of it has been straightforward but I think we're there now. She's shattered, still has an infected wound and needs lots of looking after and TLC.

But she's where she wants to be and although physically I think they've let her home a couple of days too early, I can see how they had to balance the physical side of things against how it was all beginning to affect her mentally. 

Anyway, she's with us and seems happy and settled so that can only be good for her recovery process.

Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend.



  1. Belated happy birthday to Thomas. Love Aunty Edith's card! Hope your mum is making good progress.

  2. Thank you. I can't really say she's making progress but she's not getting any worse and for the moment that seems good enough for the nurses. Aunty Edith's card is fab isn't it. LOL. xx

  3. That surprised look is adorable! I was also looking to find a good LA venue for my daughter’s birthday. I haven’t had any luck but I think that I’ll be able to finalize a good venue pretty soon. He’s turning thirteen this March.