Monday, 25 November 2013

Fat Balls

No, I'm not being rude. I bought these from Lidl last week. There were 4 in a pack and they cost 79p.

Yesterday I finally got around to threading some wool through the netting and hanging them in the garden. I also crumbled one up in a dish on the table.
Within an hour we had a tiny bird pecking at them, (I think it was a blue tit although I'm not too sure as I'm not really a bird person and my eyesight also leaves a lot to be desired). Then joy of joys Mr Robin came to visit us. We are very lucky here at Number 38, we have a robin visit us every year. It's not a brilliant photo, it was taken through the kitchen window and Mr Robin was most unco-operative and wouldn't keep still for his photo shoot.
We also have a squirrel who buries his nuts in our flower tubs. But squirrels terrify me. They move too quickly for my liking and rather than finding them cute I think they have an evil look about them. Sorry all squirrel lovers.

The garden is in need of a tidy up before Winter truly sets in. It doesn't seem 2 minutes since my pots looked like this.
And now here we are in November with all the colour long gone. 
Never mind, if Mr Robin visits every day, his splash of colour will make up for such a drab garden.


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