Thursday, 21 November 2013

All at once ......

Oh my goodness, why does everything happen at once? 

Mum is still with us and the daily visits from the district nurse will continue for weeks to come. They are lovely with her but she is getting fed up of the whole thing now which is understandable. The other thing is that until they've been I'm stuck in the house. We have a morning slot which means that I can be sat here waiting for them any time up to 1pm. Hopefully, as Mum gets better she'll be able to cope with them on her own but for the time being she wants me here with her while they do their 'job'. So I'm feeling a bit stuck.

Last week Aunty Edith was taken into hospital. She had a bad chest infection, water infection and they weren't sure if there was something going on with her heart. She's back home now and being well looked after by her lovely son, but seems to have gone very frail overnight - even though she is 90.

Mark's mum has dementia and can hardly walk. His dad had a heart bypass 3 years ago and is her main carer. They are both in their 80's, proud and stubborn (a very bad combination). Dad has recently let slip that Mum hasn't been downstairs for 3-4 weeks as she can no longer manage to get back up. So we've spent a week trying to sort out people to come in and help them. The 'District Nurse Matron' is on the case and has suggested a stair lift, walking frame and somebody to come in every day to give Mum a wash and freshen up. Because of her dementia she agrees to this one minute then changes her mind the next. The look on the Matron's face was quite funny when within a one hour visit she changed her mind about 20 times. I have no idea why they ask anybody with dementia any serious questions. She doesn't even know what number house she lives at.

And finally this week, Mark's Uncle Billy died, so there's a funeral to attend next week.

I'll be glad to see the back of 2013, although I have a sneaky suspicion most of these troubles will follow us into next year.


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