Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Volcanic Eruptions with Dad

Amy is learning about volcano's in geography. For something fun to do the teacher has asked the pupil's to make their own model volcano. They'd been given 2 weeks to do this, but in true Amy style, she made hers tonight, just in time for it to be handed in tomorrow. There are no marks for this project, so she didn't go to town on it too much.

For the base she used a cereal box which she glued a black paper cone onto.
She then painted it green while having a chat with Mark about her day at school.

Having been caught out in the past with last minute projects, I make sure I always have the 3 primary colour paints in the house, so that any colour can be made up. I also keep a pot of black and white for shading.
We found some crayons and melted down red, orange and yellow with matches to create the flowing lava effect. We put Mark in charge of pyrotechnics for this part.
Then she stuck some kitchen paper in the top which Mark set on fire to create a singed effect.
And finally for the lava rocks she stuck some small stones on from the garden.

She managed to do all this without any eruptions or melt-downs of her own!

Not that I'm biased, but I'd give her a gold star for this. Well Done Amy.


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