Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life is not always a bowl of cherries

The time is passing so quickly lately. Can't believe it's nearly a weeks since we enjoyed our stroll around Uppermill and I've not felt like blogging since then to be honest. 

My sister-in-law's mum was diagnosed with cancer last October and although she has been doing really well, she suddenly deteriorated on Wednesday. I only saw her a couple of weeks ago at the 40th party and she looked so well. She's in hospital and the outlook isn't looking too good. I just really feel for my sis-in-law. She lost her dad 5 years ago so to lose her mum as well would be just awful. 

I've also been to the funeral of an ex-pupil. He was only 12 and although it's always been expected, it still comes as a shock. He was a lovely boy, with the cheekiest smile and a great sense of humour. His brother is in Thomas' class so I know his mum from working at school and also from the playground. My heart breaks for her.

On Thursday I managed to put my back out and have been hobbling around bent double. It's only today that it seems to be getting better. Every so often it just goes. I think it stems from a fall I had 12 years ago and of course old age doesn't help. Because of the tablets I take I had to ring the Dr to find out what painkillers I could have. I've been prescribed codeine and I can take ibuprofen for 3 days maximum. But I have to watch out for signs of stomach bleeding. Nice.

Hopefully this coming week will be better. I have 2 nights out booked with friends which I'm really looking forward to. We always manage to have a laugh and cheer each other up. And as the saying goes, a good catch up, some food and drink will be 'just what the Doctor ordered'.

Hope you've all had a great weekend.


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