Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The clock was ticking

It was parents evening tonight. Luckily for us our slot was at 3.35pm so by the time we'd picked Thomas up from his classroom and walked to the main entrance we were ready to go in. In the past we've been given times where hanging around hasn't been an option but no sooner have we got home than we've had to turn around and go back.  

Even working there got me no favouritism. Every family lives within 1 mile of the school and 95% of them within a 5 minute walk. We live just over 3 miles away but no teachers ever seemed to have the common sense to think that one through.

Although time is always limited it's the first parents evening I've ever been to where we've been timed with a stop watch. It was quite off putting actually watching the seconds count down. We got 5 minutes exactly before the buzzer went off, we were thanked for attending and the event was over.

In that time we learnt Thomas' handwriting has improved, (which we can see for ourselves), he's in the top group for reading (no change from Year 2) and he's also in the top group for maths (again no change from Year 2). We were handed a list of 100 words he needs to know how to spell by Year 4 and a card with the times tables on for him to learn.

So, did we feel it worthwhile going. Personally I didn't think so. Time is so limited, there's very little chance to discuss anything. If you have a problem or want to know something you get more time and feedback at the end of the school day when the teachers are always happy to speak to you.

But we've shown willing and attended and Thomas got a big chocolate cookie from Greggs Bakers for doing his best.


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