Friday, 25 October 2013

Sick, Sewing, Sun & Storm

Here's Thomas in his PJ's ready for a hard day at the office. It's PJ day at school in aid of Francis House.
Amy also had a non-uniform day in aid of a local foodbank. She wouldn't take the peaches to school - she said the tin was too heavy - so she took beans instead! The reason I bought peaches was because they desperately need milk puddings and fruit. Hey Ho. 

There's lots of career talk going on at the moment from Amy.  She's thinking about what options to choose next year and has a definite idea of what she doesn't want to do (which seems to be every profession me & Mark can think of) but has no idea what she does want to do. This term her tech subject has been sewing and she proudly presented Thomas with this last night.  He's called Zoinky. She couldn't be bothered with arms as it was too much work. I'd bet my life on her career choice not being a seamstress!
Not sure if the bad weather is set to hit Middleton but at the moment the sun is shining, the sky is blue and my towels are on the line drying nicely. Hope it's not the calm before the storm.
My mum is still poorly. She's can't stop being sick, is back on a drip, had an x-ray last night at 10pm and has to have a scan today. She's so tired that she's getting confused so she asked me to ring the hospital today about the scan. I rang to see which bit of her they were scanning and what for but the nurse wouldn't tell me anything over the phone. They can only give information like that out face to face. 

I seem to have become the point of contact for information and have spent a big part of my day texting my sister and brother. My phone has been on charge 3 times today already. One charge usually lasts me about 3 days. 

Oh, and those blue skies disappeared about 10 minutes ago. The rain is bouncing down, it's getting pretty windy and we have thunder and lightening.


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