Saturday, 19 October 2013


The weekend started with a lie-in til 9.30am. After different breakfasts of yoghurt & fruit, brioche, bacon butties and cocoa pops it was time to get dressed.

First job of the day was to drop Amy off at drama. She looks forward to this all week and really enjoys going. Thomas has been for a couple of taster sessions and although he enjoyed it he doesn't want to go all the time. We have to pay 3 months in advance though with no refunds for missed sessions, so choosing whether to go or not each week isn't really an option. We had a chat with him and he's decided to go swimming instead which is more flexible.

While Amy was doing whatever Thespians do, we popped into Tesco. They've starting to collect bits and pieces at church for the Christmas Fair so I bought these for the bottle tombola. They were on offer at 50p each and I just need to add a couple of alcoholic ones for good measure. 
After collecting Amy we popped into the garden centre to see if they had any fire baskets. I really want a small fire in the garden for bonfire night but we're very mindful of the wooden fencing, decking and a shed in a not overly huge garden. We think we might have found the answer though.
Back home we had sandwiches for lunch, watched an hour of TV, then Mark dropped me & Thomas at the leisure centre for a swim. Well, when I say a swim I really mean me clinging on to the side in the deep end while Thomas jumped in again and again and again. The problem is he's over confident in the water and I can't take my eyes off him for a second so although I get to tread water I don't really get to swim. He had a great time though. Our new leisure centre opened in January 2009 and it really is lovely.

While I was cooking tea the kids decided to make a video show of themselves which involved lots of running up and down stairs and outside shots. I love it when they do a project together.

During tea, the heavens opened and the rain came bouncing down. When it stopped this beautiful rainbow appeared right at the back of our house.

After watching the video Amy & Thomas had made, we all settled down to do our own thing. My choice was a bath full of strawberry sorbet bubbles and a book.

Not a bad Saturday as they go.


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