Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Poorly Boy & A Hospital Visit

I have a poorly boy at home again today. Thomas started with a cold Saturday evening and has now developed a cough.

He's okayish during the day dosed up on calpol but goes downhill at night. He didn't get out of bed much yesterday and I have the photo to prove it! Mark has very kindly taken it upon himself to do night-time duty so the men of the house are in the double bed together while I've been in Thomas' room. 
It's quite nice having my own bedroom. The quilt stays over me all night, there's no snoring to put up with and I can read for as long as I want without Mark dramatically sighing every 5 minutes. As much as I want Thomas to get better I'll be quite reluctant to give up my single bedroom status.

I've been to visit Mum in hospital tonight. She had her op yesterday and is doing OK although she's in pain. She managed to sit in the chair for an hour this morning and they helped her into the chair again while I was there but she only managed 1/2 hour. She's a very private person and being on a ward with strangers isn't really her thing. Before she went in she banned all visitors because she didn't want any fuss. But being the dutiful daughter I ignored her wishes and went to visit her.

She was glad to see me and visiting bans seem to have been lifted already; the grandchildren are on a rota! Being in hospital can be very boring and I bet she'll be ready to see somebody every day. To be fair though, if none of us could go it really wouldn't bother her. 

I'm just hoping she's well enough to look after herself when she does come home. We've booked to go to away next week at her insistence/stubbornness that she'd be fine. If push comes to shove Mark would take the kids and I could follow a couple of days later on the train, but I really hope it doesn't come to that.
       Only time will tell.


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