Thursday, 24 October 2013

In the words of....

Smashie & Nicey (anybody remember those two), "it's for charidee".

Tomorrow is non-uniform day at Amy's school. In return for wearing their own clothes the pupils have been asked to take a tin or packet of food in for Middleton Crisis Support Project. It's a foodbank that has recently opened due to the amount of people in the area struggling to make ends meet. There are over 1,000 pupils at school so they should get lots donated.
Thomas' school is holding a Pyjama day tomorrow. The school council wanted to raise money for Francis House, which is where the little boy who died went for respite care with his family. I've seen first hand the benefits of this for families and think it's lovely that they've come up with the idea. In return for wearing your jimmy jams school are asking for £1 donation.
I'm having a blitz on Thomas' room before his birthday and Christmas. I've gone through the wardrobe and have some clothes and toys to take to our local charity shop along with some books that I've read. It's an on-going project so there'll be more to send.
I've also bought 2 bottles for the church Christmas Fair tombola.
And finally, it was Lidl today, so I've started collecting a few bits for the Trussell Trust.
I'm feeling very grateful today that we're in a position to be able to help others, even in small ways.  


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