Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Events Manager

I feel a little bit like an events manager today. I've covered Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thomas' birthday and Christmas.

My poorly boy was much better this morning so he went back to school, which meant we could get out and do a bit of shopping.

First we went to the garden centre to buy a fire basket and some kindling so we can have a 'safe' fire on Bonfire Night. The only one they had left was the one on display, much to Mark's delight as it meant he didn't have to put it together.

Then we went to Middleton where I bought some crackers for the Christmas tree & dining table and some bows.

I also picked up a bag of sweets for Trick or Treating on Halloween. 
And a very noisy laser sword for Thomas' birthday in November.

Finally, we bought Sparky a bone because today he is 4 years old.
In the words of Amy "Happy Birthday Fluffy Wuffy". Here he is slinking upstairs with it to chew under Amy's bed.
My poor Mum isn't doing so good after her op. She's in lots of pain and the painkillers are making her sick. Today she text me to say she's not taking them by mouth now, they're putting them up her bum instead. That's a new one on me and I'm sure you'll all be relieved to know I haven't got a photo of that!


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