Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dramatic DIY

I had planned to go to church this morning, but Thomas has been up since 3am coughing, so instead I sat in the walk-in centre making sure he was OK before we set off for Wales tomorrow. The Doc gave him a good going over and he's fine. It's the after effects of the cold and chesty cough earlier in the week. We're lucky that our NHS walk-in centre is in Middleton Arndale which is a 5 minute drive at most.

After Thomas was given the all clear I popped into Wilkinsons for some bits & pieces and picked up some candles, matches and a torch. This is in honour of the expected storm and after reading several 'money saving expert' threads about being prepared. We're now covered for any power cuts while we're on holiday, although not much else! Obviously copious amounts of chocolate are needed in any emergency.
This afternoon we went to see Mark's Aunty. She's 90 years old and is as bright as a button apart from being a bit deaf. This is her waving us off as we were leaving. Amy dressed her in her beanie hat and was teaching her how to take 'selfies' on her phone which had us all in stitches. The bruise on her face is from a fall last week. She lost her footing outside the back door and was lay on the floor for 30 minutes before her next door neighbour found her. Remarkably after a once over from the Doctor she was declared as fit as a fiddle apart from a bruised face and sprained wrist. 

The washer/dryer door got jammed this evening, just as I was on my way out to visit Mum so I left Mark to sort it out. BIG MISTAKE! I came home to find my towels liberated but my washer/dryer handle missing!
Apparently a hacksaw, screwdriver and bent spoon were required to rectify the problem.

Did I ever mention Mark doesn't do DIY and he's obviously never heard the saying "it doesn't take a sledgehammer to crack a nut"! 


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