Thursday, 17 October 2013

Busy Doing Nothing

I have to admit that yesterday I was very lazy. And with weather like this I gave myself permission to indulge in doing nothing very much.
I sat in my PJ's till gone 11am watching rubbish but entertaining TV, namely Duck Dynasty. It really is daft American stuff but it makes me laugh. I think it was these lovely new slippers that stopped me getting dressed any sooner!
But I eventually managed to drag myself upstairs to get ready before making boiled egg on toast for dinner.           
I picked up the blanket that I'm making for Amy and crocheted a few rows. It's now long enough to keep my legs warm while I'm working on it.
Then I had a flick through this Christmas magazine. It's full of totally useless and overpriced goodies, but it's nice to get lost in it all sometimes isn't it.
Mum came for a brew, a natter and a catch up on what's happening in the family. 

And Mark made the kids teas and their packed lunches for tomorrow. This probably happens at the most 5 times a year, so it's well worth documenting!
Meanwhile, I went for a shower, slapped on a bit of tutty and met my two lovely friends for a bite to eat, a drink and a gossip.
I came home to find the kids in their PJ's and tucked up in bed. So I had a quick brew and a look at some of my favourite blogs.
Then I slouched off to bed under the influence of a glass of rose, totally forgetting to post what I'd written, which is why I'm doing it now!

Talk about busy doing nothing! Today I'll get my backside back into gear.


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