Monday, 14 October 2013

7.35pm at Number 38

It's 7.35pm at Number 38.
The kitchen is spotless so Amy has decided to bake!
Thomas, sporting a trendy new look of school uniform and PJ's, is on the x-box building a pirate ship on minecraft.
Mark is puffing on his e-cig waiting for the kettle to boil so he can make me a cuppa. He's then going surfing on the net.
And I'm blogging. After which I'll jump in the shower and put clean PJ's on as I've got a date with Doc Martin at 9pm.
We've had one of Thomas' friends round for tea. 

The police have been to see us regarding an on-going incident on the street, (nothing to do with us, but the local PCSO seems to like popping in for a chat and a brew). 

I've walked the dog.

And helped Thomas make a pop-up Stonehenge for a school project. He's still got to add a few finishing touches.
I've also consoled Amy who is truly gutted because the programme makers for 'Educating Yorkshire' have approached her school to see if they would like to take part in the next series, only for the Headteacher to say 'No'. I can't blame her really. As much as we find the programme entertaining I don't think I'd like Amy and her friends splashed all over the TV. I really believe that as a teenager, what happens at school should stay at school. Unless of course there is possible risk to life or limb. 

What were you all doing at 7.35pm?


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