Monday, 2 September 2013

Spending Diary

I've decided to keep one of these this month as I've had to face the fact that I have absolutely no idea where my money goes.

I have 'spends' each month and it's not an amount to be sniffed at, but since giving up work in December the only things I can think of that I have bought are: a new scarf,  a big bag of wool from Hobbycraft, a couple of meals and coffee mornings out with the girls and 3 hairdressing appts, (wash & trims @ £12 each). Apart from that it just all seems to have disappeared. 

I think my biggest vice is buying stuff for the kids or loaning them money which they are supposed to repay me from their savings but never do. 

So this month, I've decided to keep a spending diary to see where it goes.

I'm an avid reader of moneysavingexpert and I know a lot of people on there do this and also have NSD's (No Spend Days). I can honestly say I have plenty of these, but I must make up for them when I do open my purse!

So today, I've bought myself a small notebook and I shall make a daily note of what I've spent. Hopefully there will be a few NSD's in there as well, because it actually makes me feel a bit sick every month when there's hardly anything left in my purse.

I'm pleased to report that 2 days into this venture the only money I have spent is £1.30 at Thomas' bedroom sale yesterday! 

Does anybody else keep a spending diary? Or worse, like me have no idea where their money actually goes?


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