Thursday, 5 September 2013

No Riff Raff Please

We went to The Lowry last night to the 'Faulty Towers Dining Experience'.  It was everything we expected and worse!  The whole 'show' revolves around you as diners in the restaurant while Basil, Sybil and Manuel lurch from one disaster to another.
We started off by all having drinks in the bar waiting to be seated. Manuel then appears to clean the tables followed by Basil and Sybil who instruct him to collect glasses and hand out nuts. The show has started!

Shown to your seats in a somewhat chaotic manner, bread rolls are thrown at you to catch, butter is dumped on the table for you to pass around and garnish for the soup is flung into your bowl from a dizzy height.
Of course, the soup has false teeth in it, some people don't get any at all and you can be halfway through eating it when it's taken from you. 

The main course was chicken but vegetarianisms (as Sybil calls them) received a carrot, potato and a pepper - all uncooked.

There is a fire alarm practice, the siberian hamster escapes from it's cage, Manuel is on the receiving end of many a slap, and Sybil sings happy birthday to the 'unlucky' ones, covering every octave known and a few more!   
Both Mark and I ended up on the receiving end of Basil, I had the fire extinguisher left in front of me as the set up for a sketch and Mark was pulled up for holding his fork the wrong way.   
Mark is a real fan of Fawlty Towers, I know it but not that well and was a bit dubious about going, especially on our own and not in a group. But it was a fantastic night out. It's not often I recommend anything but honestly, if you ever get the chance to go, you really should.

Oh, and take your camera. I didn't so I've had to use web images, but people were flashing away all night, definitely a missed opportunity by me.

And finally, everybody actually receives a meal and very nice it was too.


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