Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Last Day of the Summer Hols

In some ways it seems ages since 'it was the first day of the summer hols' and in others it seems to have been never ending.

We've had some lovely weather this year.

We've sunned ourselves in the back garden.
And spent plenty of days in the park.
We've gone on some lovely walks by the canal
Stopping for lunch at an old favourite
We've been to Sorrento
The Cotswolds
And Chester
We all went to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party
And Amy went to camp
We've baked
Ridden bikes
And visited donkeys

We've all had a lovely time. But Amy & Thomas both say they're ready to go back to school now. And I have to admit I'm ready for them to go.



  1. Lots of good stuff there. We've passed the back to school stage which I kind of miss (probably because if we were still in it I'd be that much younger). Much better than the I'm looking for a job phase.

  2. If we hadn't spent so much time putting off having babies when we were younger ours could have left school by now. As it is Thomas has only just started in KS2 (juniors), so we've a way to go! Probably my one and only regret in life is not having them sooner xx