Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY health check

Today started with a BP reading which was good. I bought this monitor last week and I take a reading in the morning and at night. BP readings aren't automatically an indicator of having heart disease or of not having heart disease, but after my heart attack an unusually high/low reading would set alarm bells ringing. It gives me peace of mind and for £40 it's worth every penny.
I then weighed myself which wasn't as good. I'm back to 11st111/4 lbs. I wish I'd taken photographic evidence of last week's weigh in as I was 11st91/4lbs. Maybe it's just that time of month where gaining a couple of extra pounds is normal. Can you see that fluff in the corner? Time to sweep the floor I think!
This mini DIY health check was followed by some house cleaning. Downstairs got the full works today. Dusting, hoovering, sweeping and mopping. I always start by doing a sweep of the surfaces in the rooms and anything that should be somewhere else gets dumped on the table. As you can see there's quite a range of things that Amy & Thomas have left lying around over the weekend. From the table it gets dumped on the stairs and it can be there an hour or a week depending on whether I can be bothered to take it up and sort it out.
I've not been on the treadmill lately but I have been walking the dog for 20-30 minutes every night. It's a routine both me and him have got into quite easily and as well as getting the exercise, I'm finding it a good time to think things through. Fresh air - you really can't beat it.

We went to my sister-in-laws 40th at the weekend. It was held in a local pub and we had a really good time. We only managed to stay til 10pm but according to her facebook updates the party went on til 3am. Me & Mark went for a drink the following day and the landlady asked us to return some things they'd left. We were handed some photos, some bunting and a nipple tassel! Now, I really can't help wishing I'd had the stamina to stay and see that part of the evening.


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