Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bedroom Sale

Thomas decided to have a bedroom sale today. He spent an hour deciding what he wanted to sell, setting up the stall, (his shelves), and writing price lists. Then 'Tommy's Wonder Shop' was opened for business. 

He'd got it all sorted out in his head. There was a tips box for good service. Carrier bags were 5p. And for every £1 he made he was going to donate 10p to the water charity. 
There were lots of goodies to choose from.
And this is what I bought - total cost £1.30. I'm sure at some point I'll be glad I own a smurf!

Mark put his hand in his pocket and paid 50p for this little lot.
Here he is with his money jar.
And because everybody likes to play shop, he employed Amy as a sales assistant for 50p per hour.
We've done a few car boot sales in the past and if they didn't start so early, I'd take him to do one. He likes earning money and I think he'd really enjoy it. 

Another money making scheme of his is on family DVD nights. He sets up a drinks and sweets counter on the ironing board.

His choice of products is quite random. We've had popcorn, crisps, biscuits, fruit and jam butties in the past. He employs Amy to make the hot drinks.

I love it when he does this. He spends ages setting it all up, deciding his prices and designing posters, but it has to be a film we're not too bothered about watching because intervals are every 15 minutes. 

By the end of the night I'm usually skint and hiding food down the back of the settee so as not to offend him.

The shop has been open all day, and we've all made several trips to it. My purse is a fair bit lighter than it was, but you can't beat good old-fashioned play can you.


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