Sunday, 8 September 2013

A New Family Member

Meet Ginny the hamster. She belongs to Thomas and is his first ever 'pet of his own'.
We've had a hamster before. Hannah, who after a year and a trip to the vet because there seemed to be growths, became Harry. She/He was a cute little thing and lived for 3 years. That's some going for a hamster I'm told.

Anyway, Thomas has been pestering for his own pet for a while now. He really wanted a puppy but was happy to have a hamster, until he saw a beareded dragon at the pet shop and decided that was what he wanted. Thankfully, with a bit of gentle persuasion we managed to get him back on track for a hamster.           
Mark's job was to make the cage, which wasn't quite as easy as we'd been told it would be. But it looks pretty spectactular doesn't it. Hamster accommodation has obviously improved since we had Hannah/Harry.
Meanwhile Ginny had a roll around the floor in her ball. Then we all had a little cuddle. Before putting her to bed.

Thomas has fed her, filled her water bottle, and made her bed. He's also managed to spill the entire bag of  hamster food on the floor. And Breathe!!

No doubt I shall become surrogate mother within a week or two. But secretly, I don't mind. She's a cute little thing and I'm glad we've got her.



  1. Glad you went for Ginny and not the lizard! I can remember our two having a very large and very anti social rabbit and then a couple of gerbils before moving onto kitties and dogs. I wasn't so fortunate when I was younger. As we lived in a shop I was only allowed a goldfish.

  2. Hope all is well with you & it's just the busy nature of life that's keeping you from blogging. I look forward to dropping by & finding out what you have to say & have missed your posts, all best wishes, x

  3. I'm very well thank you. I've just posted about my absence from blogland. It's been a trying 3 weeks with Thomas at school but hopefully all sorted now. Fingers crossed I should be back on track from now on. xx