Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What's for supper!

It was sausages for tea tonight. A simple evening meal, or so you would think. Not here at Number 38.

Mark wanted chips & beans with his. Amy wanted mash & beans, I don't eat 'proper' sausage so had to cook a veggie one and although sausages are one of the very limited foods Thomas will eat they have to be a certain brand. 

I'd like to say this is a one off occurrence, but I find myself making a couple of different variations of our evening meal most days to cater for different tastes.  

I've only myself to blame I suppose. But being a fussy eater (mainly regarding meat), I just cannot bring myself to inflict the 'it's either that or nothing' speech on the family.

I wouldn't choose to eat burgers, sausages, nuggets or any form of meat, that I hadn't prepared myself, so I have some empathy with requests for slightly altered meals. (It's not meat so much that I struggle with but I have to know there's absolutely no way any fat or gristle will find it's way into my mouth).

I have to say though, I really wish we were a family that could just eat anything that was put in front of them. It would be a lot easier.

The other thing I have to deal with at every meal is Mark wondering what to have for his next meal. So tonight whilst chomping on his sausages we had to listen to his musings on what he might have for supper. 

Now that I don't get at. Eating one meal whilst deciding what to have for the next. It would send my taste buds and brainwaves all skew whiff.


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