Monday, 26 August 2013

Traffic Jam or DIY?

No Bank Holiday is really complete unless you've sat in a traffic jam or visited a DIY store. We didn't fancy a traffic jam today, so instead we made a trip to B&Q.                        
I've mentioned before that Mark breaks out in a cold sweat when anything of the DIY nature needs doing, so I've been building him up to this over a number of weeks by gently mentioning it every couple of days or so. Today, he begrudgingly agreed, would be the day. So off we set.

As he frog-marched me to the required aisle I couldn't help but notice there were couples and families who were  more than happy to be there, thoroughly enjoying filling up their trolleys with DIY goodies and having a leisurely browse.

Not us, we were in and out quicker than doing the 'okey cokey' and if I was asked to describe Mark's face I'd say it had something of a 'smacked arse' look about it!

However, he bravely rose to the challenge and threw a piece of wood and a packet of heavy duty refuse sacks into the trolley for the job in hand. 

Back home a touch of Dutch courage was obviously needed as the first thing he did was open a can of Fosters. He then set about the arduous task of taping the sacks to the wood.

10 minutes later the job was complete and we now have a new roof for the guinea pig cage.

From getting in the car to go to B&Q to the the roof going on the cage took 55 minutes and we didn't argue once!

My hero!


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