Sunday, 4 August 2013

Summer Camp

Whilst Thomas is very happily entertaining himself at home and causing me no bother, Amy really seems to be struggling to settle to anything this year. 

Yesterday, I became so bored of listening to her saying 'I'm bored' that in an attempt to shock her I said, 'well you won't be soon because I'm booking you into summer camp'. My plan backfired though because instead of sheer horror at the thought she actually jumped up and down on the spot squealing 'yes please'.
Now, if I'd been thinking straight I'd have realised this would be right up her street.  Ever since the age of 8 she's always wanted to go to boarding school. Her cousin boards during the week and he loves it, (his choice/bullying issues). 

I try not to think of her yearning to live in a dorm with strangers rather than being at home with us as a reflection on our parenting skills, but more that our encouragement for her to be independent and integrate socially has worked!

Anyway, after much pleading she is now booked in at a summer camp for 4 nights/5 days doing multi-activities. Although she is a little bit nervous her excitement at going far outweighs this.
I'm beginning to think that rather than having to kick her out of the nest when she's older, she'll have her bags packed and she'll be ready to go as soon as she can. She has plans already. She would love a Saturday job because she wants to save to go to Spain when she's 18 and work as a volunteer at the donkey sanctuary, (something she's done for the past few years when we've been on holiday there).
And whilst we all know life doesn't always go according to plan I like the fact that her horizons are much broader than mine ever were.

She certainly doesn't get this sense of adventure from me. I'd have been mortified at the thought of being away from home on my own and having to make friends, but it doesn't seem a big deal for her. She's very much a free spirit and I find myself envious of her confidence and sense of adventure. 

I suppose though, that as sad as I'll be to see her go, knowing she is confident and independent enough to want to do this, even at the tender age of 13, I can console myself with a 'job well done' pat on the back.

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