Monday, 5 August 2013

My Ironing Elf

A very quick post today. Not because I'm short of something to say, (as if), but because I've fallen out with the computer.

I spent well over an hour on it this morning filling in an on-line form for summer camp which I then couldn't return via e-mail for some reason. I kept losing the information every time I tried. And boy did I try, 4 times in total, each try several pages long.

I ended up printing it outand filling it in by hand, then walking to the post office to send it by recorded delivery.

The very very best thing about today was my ironing fairy, or in my case, ironing elf had paid me a visit. He comes quite regularly while I'm sleeping. He's a very early riser and quite often I wake up to piles of lovely ironed clothes. His only rule is that if he does the ironing I have to put it in the wardrobes. I can live with that. I really love my ironing elf and wouldn't want to upset him.
My other good thing of the day is I am back under that 12 stone barrier. I've posted my update on the weight loss page if you want to have a look.


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