Monday, 12 August 2013

M.H.T.P. Part 2

Today was the final hat making session for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party which takes place this Saturday.

We did Amy's first. I bought a plastic tea set for £3. To make the tablecloth we covered the box that it came in with pink serviettes that I already had. Then we stuck the tea set on top to make a 'tea party table'. I can see one of the cups looks a bit wobbly but apart from that it's pretty secure and should do the job. 
For mine, I bought a cardboard cake stand from the £1 shop and I'm going to stick some french fancies on top. It's more secure than it probably looks as long as the ribbon is tied tight, although it makes my double chin look even bigger than usual!
I'm quite pleased with the final results and even more pleased with the total cost. £1 for the cake stand, £3 for the tea set and £2.50 for the ribbon - total spent £6.50 for 3 hats, plus whatever the cakes cost.

Just hope it doesn't rain or I'll end up with icing running down my face!

Oh and I've managed to post another loss on my weight loss page. It's going veeery slowly but surely. xxx

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