Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Local Library

We walked to the library yesterday. It was pouring down but I just felt the need to be out of the house and get some fresh air. 

Thomas rode his bike and Amy walked the dog. Which meant that when we got there we had to take turns standing outside with him. Luckily, there's a shelter, not that it mattered at that point as we were already soaked. 

It's only a small library but it serves its purpose and there is always something going on there. In the past they've had creepy crawly shows, puppet shows, reading circles and arts & crafts mornings. We've been to all of these over the years and really enjoyed them.   
As usual they are running their summer reading challenge for primary school children. For every 2 books they read the children get stickers and if they read the required 6 books they get a medal. There's also a website with games and the children can write reviews about the books they've read. 
This sort of thing really appeals to Thomas so he came home armed with all the details and full of self importance. He gave himself a head start and put 2 books on that he's recently read. He surprised me with what he wrote for his reviews. He obviously takes in what he reads and has a great understanding of what the stories are about.

Mine have been library members since they were about 1 year old. I must admit we use our library in fits and starts. We can go every week for months then not bother for weeks on end. Usually after I've lost yet another book and had to pay for it!
Amy only found one book, I think this was because she was either looking after Thomas or outside looking after the dog. But she's able to walk up there on her own if she wants to and have a browse. A teenager's life is a hard one isn't it! Still in her PJ's gone dinner time.
Thomas choose a Harry Potter book (he always takes a big book out that he can't read, I think to make him feel older), then 3 others that were more his age. The best bit for him is standing at the desk on his own with his card having them stamped out. It makes him feel so grown up.
We spent a good 1.5 hours out of the house with the walk there and back and the time spent in the library. Then they both spent an hour reading what they'd chosen.  

Not a bad way to pass an afternoon out for nothing.


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