Friday, 9 August 2013

BP & Chronic Pain

I went to the Docs today to have my BP checked. Actually, the GP's don't do these run of the mill tests anymore so I saw the nurse, Caroline, who is lovely. It was 110/80. A little low on the top number but OK otherwise. 

I'm not due to have it checked again now until November when she'll also take some blood so a full range of tests can be run. Ugh! Not my favourite sort of visit as they really struggle to get blood and usually have to have 2 or 3 goes.

I had really chronic indigestion yesterday. In fact at one point it was so bad I thought it might be the beginnings of another heart attack and considered phoning an ambulance. It started as a sharp pain between my shoulders which then sort of radiated out through my chest. Thankfully, although it was constant it didn't turn into anything like what happened on New Years Day. It's a worry though, especially as I hadn't eaten anything different that I could put it down to.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better today. I had a friend round for coffee this morning with her 2 boys and my mum came for a brew this afternoon. A day of doing not very much is probably just what I needed.



  1. Good to hear you're feeling better but if it happens again maybe you should get checked over? I experienced similar symptoms a few years ago (and yes, I wondered at the time if I should be going to A&E, the pain was so severe). Turned out to be gallstones.

  2. Yes, I think I will make an appt. Gallstones keeps cropping upn when I google. I usually manage to kill myself off within a couple of minutes when I do a search so gallstones seem OK! xx

  3. Indigestion is awful isn't it. I'm a sufferer and have had some really painful episodes too, it is scary.

  4. It's a nightmare isn't it. You can't being to describe the pain unless you've had it. It's worse because it's not food related so I can't eliminate anything. Ah well, that's life. xx