Wednesday, 28 August 2013

45 seconds & counting

Amy has joined a drama group that starts in September. It's at a theatre which has produced many well known actors and actresses, quite a few of whom seem to end up on Coronation Street.                 
She's done drama classes on and off since she was 5 and really enjoys them. The last one she went to didn't push her enough though, (her words), so we've been looking for a more suitable one for a while.

Anyway, after picking her up from camp today (she had a fantastic time and only felt a teeny bit homesick on the second day), I was checking through my e-mails and found one from the theatre.

When I opened it, it was to find they'd set her a piece of work to do for her first lesson. She had to choose a remarkable person who has made a difference to the world and do a 45 second presentation to the group, around 20-25 people in total.

At first panic set in. The group is aged 13-25 so she is going to be one of the youngest there. However, she quickly got over the initial 'I can't do that' and after searching the internet came up with Florence Nightingale.
It's been a lot harder than I thought to be honest. 45 seconds isn't a huge amount of time to get a life story across, it's actually 127 words in this case, and there has been a lot of deleting, editing and practice runs with a stopwatch. To reach that 45 seconds, 127 word presentation has taken her just under an hour!
But she got there in the end and I'm very proud of her.



  1. Well done, Amy. I watch Corrie (oh, that David Platt)so will be on the lookout for your first appearance. (Maybe I should be asking for your autograph now.)

  2. Haha. I've not watched Corrie for years and Amy watches hardly any tele, so I hope they don't quiz her on their proteges! xx