Thursday, 1 August 2013

21st Century Adventure

I prized Thomas off the x-box this afternoon and took him on a 21st century adventure to Grandma's. Instead of jumping in the car and arriving there in 5 minutes we took the bus. 

This is something of a novelty for Thomas. I think he's only been on a bus a couple of times in his life so he was really excited. Bless him.                        
The other part of the adventure was to actually walk to the bus stop! He's not a bad walker but he's slow so we set off in plenty of time. Either we were slower than we should have been or the bus was early because we ended up having to run to catch it which Thomas thought was great. 

I don't recall when I last ran for anything but I think my legs bent at the knees when I did. Not so today. It was like I had 2 planks of wood strapped to them. 

The trip cost us £2.50 one way and we got off after 5 stops. I'm old enough to remember paying 2p bus fare back in 70's and inspectors getting on to check your tickets. When I went to secondary school I used to walk and save the 10p to spend on sweets and the magazines Blue Jeans and Jackie (remember Cathy & Claire?).

Anyway, we arrived at Grandma's house and had a lovely couple of hours with her before Mark came and picked us up. Thomas was a bit put out we weren't going home on the bus so we treated him to a McD's drive thru of a chicken nugget happy meal which made his day.

I find it funny that something as simple as a bus ride can create such excitement. 


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