Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer Holiday Activities

Thomas brought a letter home last night about a free play scheme at his school during the summer holidays. It's being run every afternoon for 2 weeks. Supervised places are allocated on a first come first served basis but after these have gone your child can still join in the fun if you're willing to stay with them.

These play schemes are held at several schools throughout the whole of the 6 weeks and children can turn up to any of them. They don't have to be a pupil of the school that's hosting them. I've seen a couple in action and the children have a great time.

He also brought home a booklet packed with various activities for children to do throughout Rochdale borough.

I've had a good look through and I'm really impressed. There's everything a child could want. Arts & crafts sessions, lots of sports and swimming activities, drama classes, cycling courses, golf & tennis taster days and water sports on Hollingworth lake. 

There are some free activities on offer but most have to be paid for. Generally the cost seems to be under £5 for a good 2-3 hours of fun, (sometimes longer), and you're not obliged to stay with your child.
Typically, Thomas has asked if he can do 2 of the more expensive things; snorkelling at our leisure centre and kayaking at Hollingworth Lake. I'm happy to pay for these as I know he'll enjoy them.
As brilliant as all this is, it's probably not much help to working parents. What's on offer is fantastic, your child could do something every day if they were that way inclined. The problem is you need to be able to get your child to and from the activities, which isn't always possible when you're at work.

However, if you're doing some childminding over the holidays and looking for something to keep the kids entertained, it would be perfect.

Of course, it won't all be activity here at Number 38.

We have our fair share of lazy days lounging around the house and garden. Although I'm happy to provide some entertainment I'm not a Red Coat so I won't be providing unlimited activities. The kids are expected to entertain themselves a certain amount of the time, (it's character building), and the basics such as playing out, reading, watching a film, baking, den making and mooching around complaining of boredom are all part of the hols.
But we also do some, as the kids say, 'proper stuff'. They love a picnic in the park, a walk by the canal, indoor camping, swimming, and a trip to see the naughty monkeys at Knowsley is an annual event. 
They both finish on 19th July and don't return until 4th September. I've worked out that's 6 weeks and 4 days off school.              

Is it me or do these holidays seem to be getting longer?                       


  1. I got distracted, we have the same paddling pool! I actually can't wait for the holidays - I have tired of the school run x

  2. HaHa. I know what you mean. The best thing for me is I don't have to make packed lunches for the next 46 days. YIPEE! xx

  3. I agree with you about kids learning to entertain themselves too, it's all part of growing up! I don't agree that the holidays are too long though! I work in a school lol :)

    1. Oh yes, if you work in a school there should definitely be more holidays. I worked in the office at Thomas's school and although I got a break from work, I never got a break from the kids! xx