Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Fun Day

I was invited to school today for their Summer Fun Day. It was lovely to catch up everybody again. The teachers had set up various funfair type stalls and the PTFA had hired 2 bouncy castles which were going down a storm.

It was very hot though and sensibly the children were taken back into their classes every 30-45 minutes to have a drink and a cool down before resuming their outdoor fun.

I stayed until 12 noon and had a great time. I scored 2 rounders (I had a little runner), knocked a few tin cans down, had a go at hook a duck and choose balloons for my face/arm painting design.
I could have stayed for their picnic lunch but had to get back home to sort myself out for the holiday tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon ironing last minute bits and packing for me and Mark. We have an early afternoon flight, so thankfully we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and can take our time in the morning which suits me much better these days.

To get us in the holiday mood we've ordered a takeaway pizza and we're having a nice cold lager shandy with it.
Only the one for me though as I have a date with a razor and a nail polish bottle later on.
Mark is researching the possibility of Etna, Vesuvius or Stromboli erupting. He's obviously short of a bit of excitement in his life.
Thomas is a little worry wart and keeps asking about the volcanos, sharks, jellyfish and bees. 
Amy is oblivious to everything that's going on around her but every so often pops her head round the door and squeals 

                              "ITALY TOMORROW"!
I'll try to stop by during the week to say hello. Hope the weather stays good for everybody staying at home.

Amici Addio x
Goodbye Friends x


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