Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sexy Legs & Bruises

One of the tablets I take every morning is 75mg of aspirin. Before leaving hospital the cardio nurse told me the side effects of this could be heavier periods and bruising very easily. I've not really noticed much difference each month but she was certainly right about bruising.

How about this for a photo of my sexy legs covered in bruises from goodness knows where. 
I have the same amount on the inside of my leg and my other leg has about 3 or 4 bruises as well. Thomas accidentally trod on my foot on holiday and I have a whacking one there as well. 

My arms are also pretty bad, although I can put this down to never being able to get through a doorway without bouncing off the sides. Mark says I'm like a pinball machine. I have to ricochet off both sides of the door frames before I actually get through.

I caught my finger on the corner of a cupboard last night.  It is naught but a tiny scratch. Can you even see it? But it took half an hour to get it to stop bleeding and this morning while making a cup of tea it opened up again. 
I'm not even going down the 'What If' scenarios of future kitchen knife accidents etc. 

We optimistically planned to go to Heaton Park today for a picnic but the weather put paid to this.  Instead we bobbed out to another park which was a bit nearer. We all got some fresh air, Thomas had a bike ride and Sparky had a walk. We didn't manage to miss the showers though and came home wet through.

All part of the Summer Holidays.



  1. ouch, that is a lot of bruises. have you tried arnica cream on them. it helps a lot. glad you had a lovely holiday. x

    1. No I haven't but I'll definitely give it a go. I can cover my legs but I don't like long sleeved tops and Mark says some days it looks like I'm being abused. xx