Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kids, Kitchen & Coffee Cake

I don't know what happens to the kitchen between going to bed and the kids leaving for school. We leave it tidy every night but by 9am it looks like this. The only person who's eaten breakfast is Thomas, so I've no idea where it's all come from. There's even a plate with ketchup on. Why?
As well as doing the usual morning routine of clearing away, I thought I'd give the kitchen an extra going over today, so I wiped the fridge out and cleaned & cleared the cupboards.

This is everything I pulled out of the fridge. Most of it went back, apart from half a dried up onion and some tinned peaches which I ate whilst deliberating whether to save the half tin of tomatoes.
Kitchen cupboards next. I do these fairly regularly so they're not dirty. Things just get rammed back into them. All they needed was a quick wipe out and tidy.


I also swept, mopped & wiped down all the cupboard doors.

I wanted to be the first to use my clean, sparkly kitchen before somebody messed it up again, so I embarked upon a spot of cake baking.
It's a coffee and walnut cake inspired by yesterday's post by lovethosecupcakes; I'm far too easily led.
The one thing I really don't like is shop bought cake. You just can't beat a homemade cake and even though I say so myself, it tastes very nice indeed.

School rang this afternoon to tell me Thomas had been hit in the face by a football and a 'cold compress' had been applied. I know the jargon though and this means he was given a wet paper towel to put on the bump. I don't know what primary schools would do without wet paper towels, they work like magic, especially when administered with a bit of TLC and followed up with an 'I've been brave' sticker!

There's also been a tiff at school between the 'girls'. There's 6 of them in the group, all friends since primary school. Amy isn't involved but the phone has been ringing since she got in with those who are, wanting to get their side of the story across. I've discovered she can multi-task better than she lets on as she's made appropriate soothing noises to them and offered some good advice, all while watching you tube clips; volume turned down of course, she's very polite.

Just another normal day at Number 38.