Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's not the winning...

It was sports day for Amy and Thomas today. I didn't realise they had sports days in secondary schools. Apparently, you can choose whether you want to take part or not. Amy chose 'not'. But she did cheer her best friend on, who came 2nd in the biathlon.

I don't even know if parents were invited to Amy's school.  I suspect if there was a letter sent out, it is still in the bottom of her bag. We absolutely are not allowed to go near school apart from parents evening and to drop her off in the morning!

So we went to watch Thomas instead. Reception & KS1 have their sports day together. There were 4 races plus the obligitory races for parents and teachers. We're a fairly laid back bunch really, I don't think there's one tiger mum amongst us, and it was all carried out in the spirit in which it was intended.

First race of the day was running. Unfortunately, Thomas is not the next Mo Farrah and it didn't help that he lost his pump either. But in true British style he carried on regardless.

Next was the egg & spoon. This was more his thing. Steady and slow. Steady & Slow. He did quite well in this one. He didn't come last.

Then we had bean bag balancing. Not bad, but the run back up the field was his undoing.

Finally, the sack race. Oh my goodness. Can you make out everybody else lined up, waiting to go. Thomas couldn't even get in the sack! Bless him. 

No certificates or medals this year, but when I asked him if he'd enjoyed it I think his face says it all.

As they say it's the taking part that counts not the winning. But the hidden tiger within might just start him on a training programme for next year.



  1. Neither of mine excelled at school sports but one did go on to become a competitive swimmer so you never know!

  2. Swimming;one of the best things a child can ever learn to do. Amy is going through a tennis phase at the moment. Typical knock on effect of Wimbledon! xx