Friday, 5 July 2013

I'm going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Well I've been actually. Today. I was asked by the school I worked at if I would like to join Reception and KS1 on their annual trip. Their required adult to child ratio and me holding a valid CRB probably had something to do with the invite as well.

I'm not sure if it's clear from other posts but I worked in the office at the school that Thomas goes to. It might sound ideal but having done it, I wouldn't recommend it. There was many a time when I had to think about staff and pupils 'if I didn't work here I wouldn't know about that'!

I loved the job when I first started, but OFSTED got their claws into us last September and by the beginning of December I just wanted out. Thankfully I was in a position to be able to leave. It's a lovely school though, just old-fashioned in that it puts the children first and OFSTED prefer targets and stats.                                    
Anyway, I digress. Today I went to the zoo with 84 excited children and the required number of adults, some of whom didn't quite share the same enthusiasm as the little ones! 

I was assigned to Year 1, a lively bunch, whose excitement reached fever pitch when I walked into their classroom. After lots of hugs the register was taken and we were ready to set off.

The journey was good and luckily no pit stops were needed. 

We saw all the usual animals, monkeys, giraffes, elephants, lions and tigers and we watched the sea lion show which was great fun. 
But the thing the children were most taken with was a baby rabbit which kept popping in and out of its burrow under the picnic area decking. Funny what they are enthralled by isn't it.

The weather was very kind to us. Sunny but not hot. Perfect for little people to walk around in. And although I'm absolutely exhausted I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great to spend a day with the children and staff again, I absolutely loved it. 



  1. Just wanted to say hello. I found your blog through a comment you had left on another blog I read. I am going to have a read through your posts.

    It sounds like you had a lovely day at the zoo. I've been to Blackpool many times but never been to the zoo.

  2. Hi, I hope you enjoy what you read. I had a great time at the zoo,I really miss the children. They were like a second family, you get to know all their little quirks and how to deal with them, it was just like having 210 of my own! xx