Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Food Shopping

I spent £59.95 on my weekly shop today. Not as much as usual but I didn't need things like washing powder this week. I just need to buy some beef for the Sunday Roast and maybe top up on fruit.
If I wanted to I could probably knock about £15-£20 off my weekly shop by not putting in 'goodies' and steering clear of the crisp and biscuit aisle, but thankfully I don't need to do that. 

I do feel for people who have to watch every penny they spend though. It might be a fun exercise to see how much can be saved on a shopping bill, but I imagine its soul-destroying when you've no choice but to watch the pennies week in and week out.

This week I spent £13.57 on fresh fruit and veg and bought tins of fruit on top of that. I can understand how it must be a struggle for those on low incomes to budget their recommended 5 a day into their weekly shop and why many don't bother. For the £13.57 I could buy 13 x 6pks of crisps or 34 packets of biscuits at 40p each which would probably last a lot longer than a weeks worth of fruit & veg.
As usual, all meals and snacks are covered in the weekly shop. The kids take sandwiches to school every day. I've tried them with different things like pasta but they seem to prefer a good old-fashioned buttie. 

The choices they have are: ham, tuna & sweetcorn, cheese salad, chicken, salmon & cream cheese, chicken paste, egg mayo, brie & grape, corned beef or jam (Thomas' favourite). I also pop in fruit and they have either a biscuit, piece of cake or crisps. They both take water to drink.
Evening Meals this week will be:  Spaghetti Bolognaise, Roast Chicken, Sausage & Mash, Chicken Curry, Fish, Beef Stew or Pie & Roast Beef Dinner. Mark is very much a meat and 2 veg man so we're lead by that with our meals really. 

If anybody wants a snack, there's fruit, yoghurt, crackers, toast and I'm not ashamed to admit we have biscuits and crisps in the cupboards! 

Last year, our church started to collect donations for the local food bank. I thank my lucky stars we've never known what it's like to be hungry and I can't imagine how it must feel as a parent not to be able to feed your children, so I always put a few things in when we go.

And I'm always very mindful of the saying "There but for the grace of God go I". 


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