Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gardening, Are you a' Frilly' like me?

I'm not really a true gardener. I don't take cuttings, dig, prune or propagate. And I don't know the real names of flowers or plants. I certainly couldn't grow fruit and veg to feed ourselves with either. I'm just a frilly gardener who likes to plant pretty flowers.
I used to buy seeds many moons ago and I would feed, nurture, and love these until they became little plants ready to be transferred into the big wide world of a garden.
Then the children arrived. I tried to continue to give my green babies all they needed to thrive, but I'm afraid I became neglectful. I would just end up throwing them away and buying plants instead.

Over the years we've done all sorts to our garden. We've had grass, patio, an alpine rockery, twee fencing, a water feature, garden ornaments and at our first house a pond; I would really like another pond and we're considering this at the moment.

For the past 3 years we've gone for the easy option of patio, gravel and decking. Each year we splash a bit of cash at the garden centre and buy a few plants to brighten the place up.
So today, was decreed 'gardening' day. First we went out for breakfast to discuss our game plan. Over poached eggs on toast we arrived at the exciting decision of bedding plants with maybe a couple of perennials thrown in. (I've just had to look that word up!).

This is what I came back with. I just go for pretty colours really.  I had a friend who used to 'colour theme' her garden and would only have white flowers. Not my style at all but if I did go for one colour it wouldn't be white.

I bought carnations, geraniums, begonias, sweet peas, sweet williams and achillea (so the labels say).

The garden was looking really drab when I started. We had a purple pansy, an orange pansy, a rose and something with lilac flowers on it which I bought last year.
But after a couple of hours of planting we've now got some pretty corners to look at. See the stones? Thomas picked these off the beach at Lytham St Annes at Easter. I had to carry them in my pockets the full length of the prom. And the little girl ornament was given to us a couple of years ago by our elderly neighbour.
That's the rose at the back. It looks a bit sorry for itself and could do with a feed, but there are some buds on it. The colours are brighter than the camera shows.
Percy Winkle Pig is now living in a much more colourful environment.
And it looks a lot better than it did earlier on.
I have no idea where all this has come from, but it looks like another trip to the tip is on the cards.

All in all not a bad couple of hours work. 

So, do you consider yourself a true gardener or like me, are you more the 'frilly' kind.


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